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Integration with website, email, e-shop.
Setup, modifying and creating business processes.
Generating PDF/DOCX documents on button click or on events.
Integration with AD/LDAP, ERP and HR systems. Importing data.
Development of specialized services and applications.
Working with "cloud" and "self-hosted" version of Bitrix 24

Интеграция Битрикс24 с сайтом, интернет-магазинов

Integration with your website, an e-shop or a landing page

We will ensure delivery of applications from the website to the lead, and orders in the e-store to a Bitrix24 CRM transaction. We will configure automatic processing of leads and orders. Examples of usage scenarios:

  • Appointing the responsible person from the application source
  • Monitoring the application by lead statuses and converting it into a transaction
  • Distributing applications by managers depending on the current workload or on earlier achieved CRM performance.

Интеграция Битрикс24 с почтой

Integration with email

Bitrix24 does not have a built-in mail client, and personnel are reluctant to abandon the email programs and web interfaces of third-party services they have got accustomed to. Our cases:

  • Integrating employees' mailboxes into CRM. All correspondence is shown in dossiers for contacts, companies, leads and deals
  • Handler for messages from lead generators sending their emails from the same address. Structure of each email is parsed, and a correct lead with correctly filled fields is generated
  • Integrating a web mail client interface into Bitrix24

Настройка бизнес-процессов

Automation using
business processes

We will configure, modify standard and create new business processes for CRM elements or document workflows. Examples of implemented cases:

  • Harmonization of documents within the company
  • Transactions progress across company departments - from sales to production and delivery to the customer
  • Registries of incoming and outgoing documents and contracts
  • The processes of coordinating business trips and leaves

Интеграция Битрикс24 с телефонией

Creating documents

We will implement automatic creation of documents in PDF & DOCX formats using a template. Examples of solutions:

  • Generating contracts in PDF/DOCX for transactions with automatic fields filling
  • Print version of the task for passing to the production shop
  • Saving reports from CRM and projects for including them into documents and presentations

Интеграция Битрикс24 с сайтом

Adding new functions
and features

You have special needs that you believe can be solved through a custom app in your Bitrix24 portal? We'll do it:

  • Integration with ERP and HR systems (SOAP, REST)
  • Importing data from databases and arbitrary sources
  • Developing specialized services for self-hosted version of Bitrix24
  • Developing custom applications for cloud version of Bitrix24

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